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Educate Yourself on How Criminal Records are a Public Health Crisis

Read and share our one-page fact sheet that explains the issue.

Invite PLSE to Speak at Your Community Organization, Professional or Trade Association

Criminal history records are a major cause of individual and family poverty — keeping whole neighborhoods in poverty. Social equity requires social action. If your organization wants to know more and could be willing to help, send us an email, inviting us to speak with your members about why and how they should help.

Join PLSE in Calling for Pardon Reform

It currently takes over three years for people to have a hearing on their pardon applications in Harrisburg. That is way too long for people who really need a clean slate — other states get this done in just one year. Adopt this Resolution endorsing pardon reform, adding your name to the list of bussinesses, professional organizations, unions, and others in calling on the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General to speed up the process.

Hire PLSE to Review Your HR Program

Our Fair Employment Opportunities Project (FEOP) does more than sue violators of the law — it also counsels employers on how to avoid liability and help their employees, plus their families, clear their criminal records. Email us to learn more.

Invest in Social Equity

PLSE is a not-for-profit organization. In order to continue providing quality, life-changing services to our clients, we rely on the generous support of our donors. In 2018, our financial review found that PLSE spends $0.91 of every $1 directly on our clients. Become a donor today or contribue to us via your United Way gift (Donor Choice #54815)!

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We are looking for people who are willing to help low-income Philadelphia apply for pardons for crimes they committed years, if not decades, ago – so they can obtain better jobs, credit, housing and other opportunities for themselves and their families. This is not just for lawyers: anyone can help so long as you can be empathetic and are willing to help someone tell their story better. If that’s you, come to a Pardon Project training program, learn about the new form, and tell us you’re there to help! In just a few hours, you can change lives for generations. Email us if you are interested in attending.