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Marijuana Amnesty Project

On Friday, December 2, PLSE’s Andrea Lindsay shared this statement in response to the BOP’s merit review session for the PA Marijuana Pardon Project.

On Friday, May 13, PLSE’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Andrea Lindsay, and Tauhid Chappell, the founder of the new cannabis nonprofit, the Philadelphia CannaBusiness Association (PCBA), appeared on WURD Radio to discuss PLSE’s Marijuana Amnesty Project. The discussion emphasized the importance of expungements and pardons for those with past marijuana convictions as cannabis legalization sweeps across the country, creating new streams of revenue for states and cities while barring those who were previously incarcerated for the plant. Listen to the interview here or read the transcript, which has been lightly edited, here.

On February 3, PLSE was featured in the Chicago Reader’s Cannabis Conversations series to talk about criminal records and marijuana. Check out the interview here.